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Welcome to Almaxfinance. We help you make the best use of your financial resources, freeing your time to enjoy what matters most in life.

We show you where you are, protect you from financial dangers, create a roadmap for your future, manage your investments, and provide advice that touches every area of your life.

Almaxfinance is an online commodity trading platform providing traders across the globe with cutting edge technology to trade the world’s markets.

Our goal is to identify unique investment opportunities and work with the portfolio managers and/or companies to source the capital needed to grow the business.

Our focus has been to change the way people trade commodities. We are driven to provide traders with incredibly low-cost pricing across all Commodities with the security of financial regulation and industry leading* customer support. Almaxfinance Trade offers a range of commodity trading including Renewable, and Non-Renewable Resources.

Your life changes, and your financial plan has to be flexible enough to change with it. You may start a new job, create a business, have kids, have grandkids, buy a house, get married, sell your business, move to Oregon to garden, get audited by the IRS, inherit a little money (or a lot), get divorced, sell your rental property or maybe even have a year or two when very little changes. Almost all life events bring new financial risks and opportunities, so you need a financial plan that evolves to keep up and an advisor on call to quickly address your changing situation.

Trade the way you want and on what you want. You can choose the Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources and get started.

Almaxfinance is a network of cryptocurrency specialists, traders and financiers. Thanks to the community and new trading strategies, Almaxfinance directs the flow of funds into the right channels to manage the market for 200 billion.

Our financial planning process goes beyond a one-time checkup. Your Almaxfinance advisor will address all six key areas of financial planning using a roadmap that prioritizes your most important questions first.


Your goals are unique to you and will be the central focus of your Your Almaxfinance Resources and Investments Firm. Goals can include a state of being (e.g. “the security that I’ll never run out of money”) or a material object (e.g. an electric car).

Our financial advisors will get to know you deeply and record what matters most to you and your family. When your goals inevitably change, your advisor will be your first call so you can update your plan and know whether your new dream can become a reality.



We put the needs of our clients, the team, and our community above our individual desires. We spend our time doing what we are best at and love most. We Listen deeply and speak with care We come to each conversation with an open mind rather than the “right answer.” We tell the whole truth to ourselves, our clients and each other. We believe that our time with Almaxfinance should be the best years of your life.


A team of highly skilled Professional Traders in the development of the system.


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